Communication was never so effective
Your profitability, our commitment
100% success in all our studies
A High Degree of Ecological Validity
Studies run in real environments

Who we are

Sociograph is a Marketing science consulting firm specialized in quantifying the effectiveness of communication through the analysis and processing of information with scientific data.

How we do it

Sociograph has developed an exclusive and proprietary methodology based on its professional experience, Big Data with hundreds of tested cases, specialized studies and academic papers.

What we do

Quantify the impact (engagement and attentional levels) of stimuli through a neuroscientific analysis of physiological responses to help determine which communication is the most effective with this audience.

Customer service

The firm offers a customized, professional and highly qualified service throughout the analysis process to its clients aimed to help them to make the best decision.

Exclusive technology

In-house technology to objectively, scientifically and reliably measure the group electrodermal activity in real environments (unique in the world, deleting individual values to approach objectivity).

What you gain

Your profitability, our commitment. Technology and methodology provide an exclusive service to develop and process a direct, efficient and adapted communication for the intended target audience.

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