An innovative Technology to measure yhe Attention and Emotion Levels of groups usingof Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is the application of techniques derived from neuroscience field to marketing. It studies the effects that advertisements and other communication actions have on the human brain with the aim of being able to perceive consumer behaviour. Therefore, It is a specific type of marketing research which uses biometric measurements (brain activity, heart rate, galvanic skin response…) of the participants studied to obtain conclusions.

Able to measure the Attention and Emotion of up to 128 participants!

Marketing pretends to know in advance what exists in the mind of consumers. So far, it has used techniques and tools based on social sciences such as questioners, interviews, surveys, among other, always subject to interpretation. However, Neuromarketing pretends to overcome the limits of the classical model and focus on the external manifestations instead of the interpretations of such external manifestations from the organic point of view.

A Solution, Sociograph is born

The basis of Sociopgraph is the measurement through individual sensors connected to the hand of each participant that forms part of the Study Group of electrodermal activity (EDA),both in its joint processing and in a real time, from a sample of time series analysis.

Its main features:

  • It is a new work methodology that records the electrodermal activity of the group (EDAg).
  • It is a good method for measuring the group electrodermal activity.
  • It allows a quantitative and objective analysis of the activity of the group both in its evidences of group attention (arousal ) and in its emotional reactions.
  • It allows closer approach to unobservable phenomena until the point or those which are difficult to quantify.
  • It obtains information in real time providing immediate control over the group behaviour.
  • It is empirically able to research behaviours of “group interaction” and its applications from casual interpersonal interactions to intra-group and inter-group interactions and its underlying processes.
  • It can be framed within the “social neurosciences”, as somatic marker to explain the social behaviour from an interdisciplinary framework.
  • It obtains the psychophysiological and digitized record in real time caused by the interaction among the members of a group.