What Analytic System is

The Analytic System is a non- reproducible and exclusive system scientifically developed in-house able to determine, reliably, the effectiveness of communication.

The system has four key pillars:

Technology: we have an exclusive and unique technology in the world able to measure the attentional levels and emotional reactions of groups of people.

Methodology: we apply a proprietary and scientifically approved methodology, which was born in the concept of considering “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Big data: we have a large experience in the market, which has allowed us to get a great database within different sectors.

Algorithms: We have an expertise team, which has developed different successful algorithms from different predictive modelling.


Sociograph has an exclusive technology able to measure the impact of a stimulus within a group of people.  This measurement is run through the study of Electrodermal Activity (EDA).

Sociograph’ technology discriminates the individual values of the attentional (Arousal) signals and emotional reactions. This is why quantitative and objective analyses of the activity of the group are allowed.

It alike studies occasional, interpersonal and intra- and inter-group interaction and its underlying processes and the psychophysiological recording, digitalizing in real time

In addition, ‘Sociograph’ technology can be included within the scope of social neuroscience as a somatic marker to explain the social behaviour from an inter-disciplinary environment.

‘Your skin never lies’

From years ago and different approaches, Psychology studies a phenomenon called ‘Arousal’.  An optimal level of cortical activation is required so that the human brain can run complex process to pay attention. Whether this activation is not enough, the organism does not almost react, the other way round, the possibility of pay attention increases greatly.

The measure of attention and emotion through psychophysiological indices has a long tradition in the field of psychology, as they have certain advantages over other methods. Thus, the fact that the psychophysiological responses – due to their unintentional nature – are relatively free of voluntary behaviors and can be more easily quantifiable, less susceptible to manipulation and more accurate.

Due to its sensitivity, reliability and ease, the electrodermal activity (EDA) is one of the most widely used psychophysiological phenomena within the field of social sciences. Such activity, discovered by Fere in 1881, refers to the bioelectrical action of the skin surface, which involves complex mechanisms of activation and control. Further, it is very sensitive to emotional stimuli and cognitive processes.

The measurement of the bioelectric properties of the skin is recorded with ‘Sociograph‘ technology, which measures, collects and processes the skin resistance. The series of records obtained is divided into two variables, which coincide with the EDA categories:

  • ‘Electrodermal Level’ (EDL): the idiosyncrasy of each subject indicates the basal levels of activation with a significant involvement in the attentional processes.
  • ‘Electrodermal Response’ (EDR): it consists of the psychophysiological responses referred to the rapid changes within the conductivity evoked by triggering, known or unknown stimuli and controlled by the researcher.

Increases in the EDA level represent a greater degree of attention, and therefore better predisposed to receive, analyze and respond to information. As regards the analysis of emotion, increases in the amplitude of the EDR signal indicate greater emotional reaction to a stimulus.

Thus, the measurement of groups has a relevant interest, since it eliminates the spontaneous activity called ‘noise‘ – third category of the EDA.


“The group is more than the sum of individuals”. In accordance with this premise, the expertise team of Sociograph has developed an exclusive system based on data collection scientifically endorsed with a unique technology in the world.

The developed system consists of the collection of information through ‘Sociograph’ technology, before the further study and analysis by the human capital. This is divided into different departments, which work on such data.

Each study begins, therefore, with the test of the communication among the participants.  Firstly, a representative sample according to the study is connected to the technology, which collets, processes, and registers its Electrodermal Activity in real time (32Hz frequency).

The processing of the results, in hindsight, is carried out. Thus, the data is extracted and contrasted with our database with thousands of case studies. And then, Sociograph adjusts the data according to mathematic models developed from previous studies with the aim of giving answer to the client’s needs. Hereafter, a repot is handed in.

Big Data

More than thousand studies in different sectors such as Health, Commerce, Advertising, Psychology, Education, or Audiovisual have given us a “data mining” from a wide top list of clients. These clients are from specific sectors to academic institutions.

As well as having a database including more than 5.000 spots, dozens of broadcast fiction series, and more than 2.300 studies of behavioural activities run out in groups. These are the vehicle for understanding the problem: know the client, its needs, its business and access to the relevant data to which he has or not.

Additionally, the Data Mining of Sociograph hold on the database, the statistics and the algorithms, allows the understanding of the obtained information, its valuation and future.

Moreover, after obtaining and organized the information, the algorithms are applied to treat the data. Once treated, return information useful to the customer. Then we pass the evaluation process: the results obtained are subjected to testing processes, verification of the absence of errors, ratification of the utility thereof for the objective, and the efficiency of information, among others.

Finally, once the capture and processing of data for the granting of some results, statistical analysis tools are implemented to generate displays and reports the results of direct benefit to the customer decision-making.


The work of Sociograph is vouched both for the methodology and Analytic System as well as from the database.

From the scientific point of view, thousands of working hours and studies support the technology developed by Sociograph the intellectual capital of the company has an expertise team within different areas with the aim of attesting each datum, study and stimulus

On the other hand, the institutional support comes from close collaborations and partnerships with prestigious academic and scientific institutions, as well as from universities and technological centres. It enables a mutual enrichment and an added value to our clients.

Eventually, our most important endorsement is the experience which corroborates the success of our studies. They all have a 100% of success rate.