We hold the patent of an exclusive technology, named Sociograph®, able to measure the psychophysiological responses in real time and treat group data as a whole (objectivity). This measurement is done through the study of Electrodermal Activity (EDA).

Under the name of ‘emotional based-group system of measurement’, this technology analyses and treats the collected psychophysiological signals from people to define both their individual and group behaviours, but in this latter case, as a whole not as average.

This exclusive technology allows us to explore interpersonal interactions as well as the intra and intergroup ones and their underlying processes. Sociograph®, therefore, can be included in the field of Social Neuroscience. A field devoted to understanding how biological systems implement social processes and behaviour.

For years, psychology has been studying a human phenomenon called ‘Arousal’ from different perspectives. It involves activation of the ascending reticular activating system (ARAS) in the brain and is mediated by several different neural systems. Arousal is important in regulating consciousness, attention, alertness, and information processing and crucial for motivating certain behaviours. Thus, an optimal level of cortical activation is required so that the brain performs attentional processes. If this is insufficient, the body hardly reacts. On the other hand, if it is high, the possibility of dealing with information effectively increases.

The measurement of the attentional levels and engagement through psychophysiological processes has a long tradition within psychology. This is due to the advantages this analysis has. The main reason is that psychophysiological responses of the organism take place unwittingly. Thus, they become more measurable, accurate and less manipulable by the subject.

Sociograph®, then, measures the Electrodermal Activity (EDA). This bioelectrical action of the skin surface was discovered by Feré in 1881. It is sensible to emotional stimuli and cognitive processes, and consequently, it is one of the most used psychophysiological phenomena in social science. Sociograph divides this bioelectrical action  (EDA) as follows: Electrodermal Level (EDL) and Electrodermal Response (EDR)

Electrodermal Level (EDL)

The characteristics of each individual will indicate the basal levels of activation referred to the attentional processes. Thus, the absolute level and measurement of the tonic activity associated with attention.

Electrodermal Response (EDR)

It consists of psychophysiological responses related to rapid changes in conductivity (phasic activity). These changes. are caused by the interaction, directly or indirectly, with stimuli. During this process, the phasic activity, which is related to emotions, takes place.


More technologies


Facial coding

Recording methodology that allows us to examine the micro-facial expressions of the participants, and correlate the  expressions to emotions


Eye tracker

Recording device to track what part of the stimuli gets the most attention by the participants.


Dry EEG Headset

Device that measures a participant’s brain activity while viewing stimuli.



Small Bluetooth radio transmitters to identify the geographical location of participants and time spent in each of the geographical areas.


Recording Glasses

Subjective recording device to capture customer journey and buying process from user’s viewpoint.


HD Steadycam

HD recording device to capture smooth flowing shots from the subjective point of view.

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