Integration as the key to our method

We have developed a methodology based on the treatment and data collection through algorithms developed in-house and the study and interpretation of the information by combining tools from the field of applied neuroscience and traditional research methods.

This knowledge  based on science and supported by the empirical research and measurement and adjusted to the principles of rationing, consists of four basic elements: subject, object, means and end.

How we work

We offer a personalized consulting support aimed at helping in the decision-making process. Thus, we adapted each project to its demands and requirements in terms of setting objectives, determining the target audience and using the best tools and fieldwork. Afterwards, a detailed report with the conclusions and recommendations is issued.

Our working methodology is divided in four main stages:



Identification of the needs or problems to be addressed to run a customized study.



Setup of all technical resources, staff and requirements for the fieldwork.



Smart data implementation through codification, analysis, data processing and interpretation of the obtained information.



Presentation of the obtained results and executive report to establish strategic decision making process.

Our pillars of knowledge

Market research

Market research considered as a tool to obtain information about customers and understand them and their behaviours within a field of action. Sociograph has developed a methodology by merging traditional research with neurotechnologies to analyse and process consumers’ conscious and non-conscious reaction.



Neurotechnologies are applied to deepen understanding about how people reaction to stimuli and purchasing decision processes. As a result, an objective outcome is obtained and how effective a product or content is.


Traditional research

The analysis of interests and preferences through traditional data collection techniques such as surveys, focus groups, or interviews represents a traditional discipline for the sole purpose of providing problem-solving solutions when understanding customers.  For this reason, these traditional methods are an important tool within our methodology when driving market research studies.


Current collected data is processed, treated and analysed as well as comparing it with our database to determine KPI’s and emotional levers to optimize strategic decisions.


Big Data

Large-scale data of the sectors in which we are specialized in is analysed to reveal trends and patterns and understand customer behaviours.


Business Intelligence

Data analysis tools are used to make forecasts. These transform the data into quality information, and then, into knowledge that allows us to ensure a context of sound decision-making and improvement in terms of competitiveness.


Decision Making Model

Our reports help to identify issues and customer needs to making an effective decision as well as allowing a direct market implementation in the market.