image of the Audi study with Carlos jean

Kilometers of emotions on board Audi

The global automobile manufacturer Audi and Carlos Jean with the collaboration of the Spanish singer Juan Zelada, have developed a new musical and technological project.

This innovative project consists of the creation of a song based on the emotions of random people while listening to small parts of a melody.

Thus, Jean and Zelada, on board Audi, have been travelling around Spain with the aim of developing a song “with people’s smiles”, as the co-creator of the experiment called ‘The Sounds of Emotions’ stand out.

And what better way to accomplish this project than using ‘Sociograph’ technology?

The creative group in charge of this innovative and interesting project got in touch with Sociograph, in order to be able to test each “emotion and smile” of Juan Zelada’s improvised song.

So from León to Málaga, technology and feelings have crossed the Iberian Peninsula exploring a new way to create a single: with the heart, with the emotions and with the most significant expression of happiness: people’s smile.



The seventh art applying neuroscience

Valladolid, the capital of the autonomous region of Castilla y León, has celebrated the diamond wedding anniversary of Seminci (The International Film Festival of Valladolid) with an agenda full of shortfilms and feature films around the world.

Among so much artistic quality, a premiere never seen before in film festivals has emerged: the participation of Sociograph, and the prize to the “most impact film” within the Official Section. Thus, all film lovers had the opportunity to participate in Seminci as never before. They became a neuroscientific jury for giving the ‘Sociograph Award 2015’.

In this regard, the emotion and the attention of more than 800 participants decided that the most impact film was “Mustang” by the filmmaker Deniz Ergüven; a story about the innocence of teenagers, the incitement and immorality vision of former times.

logo of foodTruck

Food Truck

Within the autumn’s arrival, Valladolid commemorate its patron saint;the Virgin of San Lorenzo. Around this celebration, institutions companies put on different cultural, child or culinary activities as well as gastronomy covered a period of one week for the enjoyment of all residents and tourists

Last edition had the participation of more than twenty ‘Food trucks‘, which were stationed on Feria de Muestras of Valladolid.

Thus, after residents and tourists attended the interesting stands within such trade fair, they had access to the delights cooked in food trucks.

Spanish tapas were the main course of the menu, but something was missed: know the favorite food truck by the public. For this reason, Sociograph called on random attendees to be connected to ‘sociograph’ technology and determine the favorite tapa among the different food trucks.

Therefore a group of 30 participants tasted the different gastronomic delights with the aim of becoming jury by monitoring their attentional levels and emotions reactions and award the one with the highest levels of these two variables.

logo of mediaset españa

Mediaset: Ad Hoc Fiction

The services of Sociograph have been requested by Mediaset España to implement a new development strategy for its media content with the aim of keeping its leadership on the TV programming.

This ‘new way’ of creating fiction consists of applying neuroscience to the sector by developing studies where the participants are monitored to record their attentional levels and emotional reactions. Thus, thanks to ‘Sociograph’ technology, the most impact moments of the media content is identified as well as obtaining objective data from the group.

All this allows determining the plots and characters which arouse more sympathy on the audience and the other way round what unquestionably allows improving the final content.

photo of the youtuber Curricé

Singing to music with Curricé

Youtuber and singer Curricé and Sociograph Marketing Science worked together to select the opening song of his first album. Such event was put on Hard Rock Cafe Madrid.

Curricé called on his more than 122.000 social media followers, so that they were involved in decisions of his first hit from the album ‘Origins’ by being connected to ‘Sociograph’ technology when listening to his songs. After analyzing the data obtained second per second, `Fall for you’ won.

Click the links below to see how the selection process of ‘Fall for you‘ was; the launching song of ‘Origins‘ produced by Lets do it Producciones.

logo of el corte inglés informatica

TIE: a network of tourism experiences

Informática ECI, Balearic Islands Tourism Agency (ATB), and Oracle pledged are part of our client portfolio. They all have bet on incorporating new technologies within travel industry. In this case, ‘Sociograph’ technology was chosen to test a new truism project called TIE (Tourism Intelligence Escaparate).

More than 40 people were monitored to determine the most emotional parts of the project, therefore boost those in the course of the project development.

TIE is a system able to agglutinate all tourist assets of Balearic Islands, so that travelers have the possibility to manage their tourism experiences through this easy and 24-hour platform.

The singer El Pescao in one study with Sociograph technology

A neuroscientific jury for “El Pescao”

A Spanish famous artist, a small group of fans, reporters and neuroscience. That is the start point of the preselection of the second Ultramar’s single – last album of David Otero, ‘El Pescao’ (former member of “El Canto del loco”)

It was a cold November day at the capital of Spain, Madrid, although the weather did not affect the 30 participants of the experiment, between fans and professionals, who in the enchanting atmosphere of “Mama Frambiose”, had the opportunity of enjoying this unique experience: be a neuroscientific jury of one of the most successful voices on today’s Spanish music scene.

Thus, the participants, connected to Sociograph’s wristbands, have enjoyed two different songs “Delay” and “Al otro lado del mar”. This latter, finally, was the song which arose more emotion and attention among the participants. “The experiment was amazing, and the most important is that, we already have the single” pointed out Muñoz, delighted with the result of the experiment and impressed with the technology.


«Concert of Emotions»

Sociograph has put on a groundbreaking event in Miguel Delibes Cultural Centre, in Valladolid. Such event called «Concert of Emotions‘ had the participation of Miguel Angel Recio, who left his imagination fly and improvised melodies in this special agora, full to the brim.

A group of visually impaired people became part of the participants in such Cultural Center, being connected to ‘Sociograph’ technology with the aim of determining how much emotion arouses famous musical pieces in connection to the musical improvisation as Recio stood out.

Thus, ‘sociograph’ technology recorded the attentional levels and emotions reactions of the participants while listening to the concert. After analyzing the data, it was found that the emotional reactions and attentional levels were higher during the second part whereas improvisation took place. Further, those who have visual disability presented higher levels and reactions than those who did not.

These results have allowed us to wonder whether visual stimuli may influence on our perception when listening to music.


“Impact” on the Cantabrian Ocean seashores

After more than 50 editions, the International Film Festival of Gijon (Ficxixón) stands as one of the most important Independent Artist Meet Up in Spain.
Here, on the Cantabrian Ocean seashores, “Valetudo DVD” and Sociograph, met to distinguish the most shocking shortfilm within such festival.

The dynamic is the same as the one developed during Seminci in Valladolid. Thus, “Sociograph” measures the electrodermal activity in more than thirty attendees.

Once data of participant’s attentional levels and emotional reactions is recorded, the staffs from Sociograph analyze it. After that, the ‘Impact‘ award is given to the shortfilm that leaves its mark among the participants.


«3, 2, 1 …. Recording” at Seminci

One of the most important film festivals in Spain is held in Valladolid in early autumn. Seminci is a date marked in red for cinema lovers and experts of the seventh art.

Around Seminci, different initiatives are organized, including “Valetudo DVD”, a Short Film Competition directed by filmmakers where they show their creations during a marathon.

Thus, during the edition called ‘Ven y estrénate en Seminci”, Sociograph awards the ‘Impact’ prize to that shortfilm that has the highest impact on the attendees.

photo of carlos jean with muwom

Under the baton of Carlos Jean and Muwom

Production company Muwon and musician, producer, DJ and singer Carlos Jean went hand in hand with Sociograph, to analyze the influence of a musical experience within a hotel.

Carlos Jean, a multi-talented person, therefore composed some songs to accompany the recreation of such experience, while describing the actions of a guest in such hotel throughout a day.

At any single moment of the narrative, the guest got into a pool while playing the music under study at background.

About 40 people participated in this study tested with ‘Sociograph’ technology, which showed that the excitement of participants arose when the protagonist got into the pool while playing the music at background.

photo of the spanish monarchs with sociograph technology


DoubleYou gave to Sociograph, S.L. the opportunity to attend Fitur (International Tourism Fair) and collaborate with Turespaña by applying marketing science within the tourism sector.

El Destinómetro» a creative idea of DoubleYou consisting of an interactive activity in which participants connected to ‘Sociograph’ technology while watching a sequence of images of different Spanish touristic destinations. Then, it was determined which tourist destination was the ideal one for each participant though the measurement of the emotional reactions.

Certainly, this has been one of the most rewarding works for the company, since Spanish royals King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia were there m and they did not hesitate to be part of this unforgettable experience experiment as well as connecting to ‘Sociograph’ technology.