What Sociograph is

About us

Sociograph is a consulting firm specialized in Marketing Science with an exclusive analysis system aimed to drive market research studies with scientific data.

We offer a professional consultancy service based on market research (qualitative and quantitative methods), combinations of data (smart data) obtained from hundreds of cases analyzed in real environments and neurotechnology adapted to market requirements.

The consultancy service is applied from media analysis (content pre-test, promotional material, animatic…) or discourses to analysis framed in Retail, Branding or Product Test among others.

Our Team

Elena Martín Guerra

COO – Chief operating officer

Enrique Hornos Redondo

CEO – Chief executive officer

The Sociograph’s organizational chart is composed of six principal areas: Research, Technology, Marketing, HR, Sales and Communication. Clients gain increased importance thanks to this structure, and it makes the intradepartmental collaboration easier with the aim of meeting customers’ demands efficiently and professionally.

Sociograph International

International expansion represents one of the key elements for us. From the beginning, the determination went far beyond the national market. For that reason, we carried out a deep study of the viability to penetrate into foreign markets.

Thanks to this reseach, Sociograph established its first branch in Mexico City to bring over the neuroscientific research to America.

Likewise, our internationalization efforts move forward to Europe, mainly France and UK due to their strategic importance in media market.