This is one of the sectors where Neuroscience is a very useful tool. Since, being able to measure the level of attention and emotion that produces a product among the audiences involves a huge competitive advantage. Our company carries out pre-tests and post-tests of series, spots, films, etc. We are able to measure the following list of items among other things:

  • The scenes that provoke more impact on the audience.
  • The characters or plots that engage the audience.
  • The most important frames and those in which brands should be placed or those which are dispensable.
  • The music that increases the audiovisual impact.

Study of Groups

Sociograph is characterized by the study of groups of people and by its capacity to measure the levels of attention and emotion in groups of people. For that reason, our studies are very different in this area:

  • Social climate.
  • Consumer behaviours.
  • Opinions about sensitive issues (racism, violence).
  • Focus groups.

Special Needs

Our department of R&D works together with different universities in the development of research projects of which we have called the Special Needs sector. Accordingly, we have worked with groups of drug rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s disease patient or patient with autism.


We obtain information of the levels of attention and emotion in real time. So, if your aim is to analyse a discourse or a speech, Sociograph is the best technology. We study the following:

  • Discourses, speeches and debates.
  • Whatever communicative act realized to a group of people.

Product Test

The sector of test of products, without doubt, is a sector with an enormous boom in the application of neuromarketing techniques. Wine, water, or liquor tasting and tasting of solid food are some of the applications to which our technology has been applied without forgetting the importance of the analyses of the packaging (price tags, packages, wrappings, etc.)

Coaching and Leaders School

The application of the technology of sociograph is a key in this sector in terms of knowing who is, within a group, the leader or the contra-leader. Sociograph is also a good tool to take into account in the selection process of personnel in a company, since “the skin never lies”.