How we work

Our working methodology is divided in four main stages



The client brings a document with the starting points of the study. Then, each is analysed with the aim of carrying out an ad-hoc study.



All the technologic and location resources are set up for the fieldwork.



Smart data implementation through codification, analysis, data processing and interpretation of the obtained information.



Presentation of the obtained results and executive report to establish strategic decision making process.

Our resources

Our analytic system is based on four key pillars


Sociograph Technology

Sociograph has the patent of an exclusive technology able to measure the physiological responses of a group of people in real time and treat them as a whole.

Under the name of ‘emotional based-group system of measurement’, also known as Sociograph, this technology analyses and treats the collected psychophysiological signals from people to define both their individual and group behaviors, but in this latter case, as a whole not as average.

Other Technologies


  • Facial Coding

Recording system that analyses the micro-facial expressions of participants and correlate their expressions to the basic emotions identified by Paul Ekman: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and neutral.

The study of physiognomy (eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, jaw) distinguishes and identifies the details that characterize each emotion. Each expression is estimated through an automatic learning system previously trained with a set of images, whose combination offers a final evaluation of the most accurate and probable emotion.

For that purpose, the firm, expert in Marketing Science, operates with a software that monitors people’s facial micro expressions through a video-recording camera in front of them, aimed to identify the movement patterns involved in each of facial expression associated to every emotion.

  • Eye Tracker

Recording device to track what part of the stimuli gets the most attention by each individual.

This device is able to follow the gaze of the subject while looking at the stimulus of study through an infrared sensor in order to identify the most attractive areas and problematic ones.

The starting point of this technological device is set under the premise that gaze movements enable to provide the traceability of the area of attention, and thereby, evidence about motivations and cognitive process.

This non-intrusive biometric technique, therefore, can identify the global degree of attention or the most impactful elements, quantify the time participants are focused as well as listing the characteristics according to of the analyzed material.

Thus, a tool to answer where, when, what and how often something is looked and set consumer paths in terms of the showed information.

  • Dry EEG Headset

Electroencephalography consists of the measurement of the electrical activity in the brain, so that the recorded data reflect the cortical electrical activity.

Around this discipline has emerged the dry EGG Headset; a portable tool with small discs (electrodes) attached to the scalp through which brain signals are monitored at any place, time and activity. Data is obtained in real time so that the emotional states and performances are showed and processed.

  • Beacons

Small Bluetooth radio transmitters to identify the geographical location of users and time spent in each of the geographical areas.

The signal is tracked by a series of intelligent devices via Bluetooth with low consumption (a medium-sized range among 0-10 meters). Each device sends the assigned ID per participant to a server within the cloud, and the assignment set to each number (ID) is checked.

Exclusive Methodology

The company has developed a methodological process based on the confluence, on the one hand, of the methods and advances to obtain data and the in-house developed logarithms, and on the other hand, the analysis and interpretation of the collected information endorsed with its experience in more than hundreds of cases tested on different topics.

The set of procedures developed by Sociograph aims to maximize clients’ effectiveness so that their communication gains the greatest profitability ratios.

This knowledge creation, based on science with an empirical approach, measurement and adjusted to the principles of rationing, consists of four basic elements: subject, object, means and purpose.

Smart Data


Sociograph has a large amount of information (data) in continuous evolution, varied, generated at high speed and collected through traditional and digital sources.

These data sets, structured and unstructured, are analyzed from three points: the information itself, the treatment process and the global vision provided by Sociograph with the aim of helping the client to achieve the most effective communicative actions.

This work supposes giving an added value to the information, because it implies having a tool available to facilitate decision-making, through the improvement of the consumer’s experience.

In brief, Sociograph assigns resources to combine data and marketing to collect and analyze the insights, and that way improve the strategies and profitability of the client communication work.



The company has internally developed a wide range of projects to broaden its database and field of action.

Those projects, algorithms, the result of combining Smart Data, statistics, research, etc., are defined as supervised or predictive due to their ability to predict the value of an attribute of a data conglomerate, other known singularities. Therefore, from that first label is expected the relation between it and other characteristics.

The application of these ordered sets of operations follows the next route: determination of objectives, preparation of data, transformation, data mining, analysis and assimilation of knowledge derived from the process.