Developing an advertising campaign involves a great number of resources such as economic, human and intellectual capital, but it does not ensure success.  There is no magic wand for that, the experience is a determining factor to achieve the targeted goals, though.

When running an advertising strategy, all the professionals are looking for both getting a fruitful launch and reaching the greatest impact and highest effectiveness. Therefore, a set of tools has been developed as a support for the advertising industry, as follows:


Sociograph; a technology developed by the University of Salamanca,  is a biometric tool to measure the electrodermal activity (activation or arousal). Its main and key feature is to measure, process and analyze the physiological responses of a group in real time.


Another tool to test the impact of an advertising campaign is the Facial Coding – a system to analyse micro-facial expressions based on Paul Ekman’s six basic emotions (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise).

The study of the facial physiognomy (eyes, brows, nose, mouth and jaw) allows identifying and analyzing expressions and their nuances bound to each emotion. Thus, showing the emotion that predominates the most in your ads.


Eye Tracker is another example of measuring your campaign’s effectiveness. It records and monitors where someone’s eyes are focused, as well as the motion of the eye.

The starting point of this device is based on the hypothesis that the eye movements guarantee a better traceability of the attentional focus. Thus, this non-intrusive advance allows tracking where and what someone looks at through infrared, aimed to obtain heat maps and identify the most impactful areas of your campaign.


The fourth advance is the Dry (EEG) Headset, emerged in the framework of Electroencephalography – monitoring method to record the electrical activity of the brain.  It consists of a set of electrodes placed on the scalp and through which brain signals are channelled. Further this tool can be applied at any time and scenario, given its nature.


Last but not least, there are tools with a focus on geolocation such as Beacons. This small transmitter offers added value to the market research by collecting information about users, their behaviours and movements. Thus, it is possible to launch a more personalized advertising campaign depending on the user’s habits.

Every person involved in the advertising industry must be aware that each message reaches the targeted audience. The ROIs will depend on this information. The result of the campaign is usually more complex than the processes of making it, especially when we use several channels.

The measurement process is the most rewarding and difficult part in the end. This is the reason why tools, as mentioned above, are born to make this task easier.

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