“To emotionally engage the audience is essential”, and that is the path the media industry is following to attract viewers. Thus, giving an added value to audiences by using neuroscience and content measurement analysis to schedule targeted content.

 These new analysis methods and technologies from neuroscience offer a detailed study about how a new product engages or attracts users. And that is why they are being applied to the advertising, TV and film industry among others.


Marketing Science for films

From the late nineteenth century to today, the film industry represents a big emotional wheel. As S Kubrick said: “if it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed”- a famous quote which can be updated by adding up “and tested”, as there are tools able to determine the impact of a story, plots, characters and so on.

A detailed neuroscientific analysis of each part of a feature film underscores the most impactful points, spins, and roles.

This is a minor point in relation to the marketing processes involved in and the set resources needed for a production.  This industry, therefore, is increasingly used to look for science both for the creative division and promotion management.


Marketing Science for series

It is well known the huge competition within the film industry, but the production of series is not left behind. Series and OTT platforms have experienced exponential growth over recent years -a scenario more than enough to run scientific marketing strategies (Marketing Science) when programming, editing or making promotions.

Most interesting stories for audiences, the characters they engage more with or the plots they like the most are not always the main elements within the content.

This type of analysis is turned into a return-in-share or ratings, as well as identifying the best moments where commercials should be placed to make it more efficient and profitable.


Marketing Science for advertising

With a higher margin of error, the advertising sector is quite tight in terms of length. In a few seconds, an ad has to be impactful, emotional and attractive to get into its target audience positively. And the key is to focus on details, no matter how small they may be.

Furthermore, the advantage of analyzing an advertisement by using marketing science, making it profitable due to the length it has to emotionally connect with the audience. In addition, this system can be used for identifying the best target audience and whether the elements reach this audience.

The application of such analysis creates an opportunity to:

  • Determine the target audience.
  • Identify the most attractive characters, plots, and elements.
  • Stand out the best moments for commercial breaks.
  • Answer What, How, When and Where is necessary to be changed or promoted to run the best strategies.

To sum up, Marketing Science is born to improve the profitability and effectiveness of every content by taking into account the impact that this has on the audience.


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