The conference of Selection Weekend organized by The EIE was coming as an intensive Saturday and Sunday. It was full of projects with a principal objective: becoming part of the Start-Up Programme. The headquarters of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid (COAM) [Madrid Official School of Architects] was the meeting point for the 31 finalist that attended that conference.

The EIE decided to add another grant apart of the 23 expected in the tender bases. This action was carried out by and for the entrepreneurship as José Ignacio Fernández, co-founder of EIE, explained.

Every entrepreneur had to present his ideas and projects over the weekend before an interdisciplinary jury. This jury was made up by many leading business figures as Carlos Pérez Tenorio; director of Institutional Relations of Restalia Group or Andrés Dulanto; director of EFE:Empresas among other.

The 24 selected participants have become to be part of the Start-Up Programme from which the EIE provided an advisory work to develop the ideas and the projects of those entrepreneurs. Its aim is to support and guide those entrepreneurs to follow the keys for a good organization and development of their enterprising companies and achieve the target set.

This is a great opportunity to Sociograph, and we are delighted to be part of the EIE.

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