El Mundo-Diario of Castilla y León has handed the innovative award “Best Innovative Proyect of University Research” to Icon Multimedia for its collaboration with the University of Salamanca in the development of the technology ‘Sociograph’.

In this 4th edition of the Premios Innovadores de El Mundo [Innovative Awards of El Mundo], the original objective: paying tribute and grating recognition to the researchers in relation with innovation carry out in Castilla y León has held.

This award ceremony took place at Edificio del Centro de Soluciones Empresariales of Junta de Castilla y León in Arroyo de la Encomienda, Valladolid (Spain). After the award ceremony, Tomás Villanueva, Councilor for Economy and Employment, closed the ceremony standing out how import companies that are carrying out investment in R&D are.

Other five awards were also handed in this 4th edition of Premios Innovadores de El Mundo. Carttif was awarded with the innovative award “Mejor Proyecto del Año’[“Best Innovate Project of the Year”], Juan Jesús de Cruz president of Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) with the innovative award “Personaje Único’ [“Unique Character”], Inteco and the University of Leon with the award ‘Innovador TIC”[ “Innovative use of ICT”], and finally to Jara Valtueña the award ‘Innovador Jóven’ [“Young Innovator”].

Moreover, each province of Castilla y León was awarded. The winners were the following: the gauge to avoid water-logging by Virginia Díaz and Jorge Mongil of the Catholic University of Ávila, the wind turbine that grows very fast of Artepref in Burgos, genetic improvement of beef cattle of the University of León, fish swim in the current 2.0 of Palencia campus of the University of Valladolid, engineers of microorganism of group of the Metabolic Engineering of the University of Salamanca, hydrogen as basis of energy self-sufficiency of Tina Systems of Segovia, lighter and safer cars of the company Carbures of Soria, the robot that plays and trains children with paralysis of Cidaut of Valladolid, and finally, the biodiesel factory in a refrigerator of the polytechnic school of Zamora.

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