Felipe VI and Letizia, the new King and Queen of Spain opened Fitur 2014 connected to Sociograph, a technology of Marketing Science created to measure the level of attention and emotion in groups of people. This technology has been the protagonist in an interactive experience called “El Destinómetro” located within the stand of Turespaña. Technological innovation attracted the new King and Queen of Spain, and they do not hesitate to try Sociograph.

Visitors could enjoy the experience “El Destinómetro”, a creative idea of Doubleyou placed on the space provided for Turespaña in Fitur until Friday. This invention consists of a viewing of different images of different touristic Spanish places to find out which of them will be the most eye-catching place for visitors.

El Destinómetro

Thanks to the technology of Sociograph, the levels of attention and emotion were recorded by sensors placed in participants’ hands. After observing a sequence of images on screen, visitors could know in real time which images had caused them the highest emotional impact. The sequence of images projected during 30” contained different destinations such as national parks, beaches, gastronomic experiences or examples of cultural tourism.

Under the slogan “Find the place where you would like to be”, participants, after knowing the result carried out by Sociograph, could share their ideal destination thanks to an application of Facebook also created by Doubleyou. Innovation, technology, and tourism, three sectors that were present in the International Tourism Fair this year.

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