For the second time consecutively, a film awarded as the most impactful one with the ‘Sociograph Award’ at SEMINCI was nominated at the Oscars. The Insult’ by Ziad Doueri was the award-winning film with its nomination at the 90th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film as ‘Mustang’ by Deniz Gamze Ergüven did in 2016.

The relationship between the Film Festival SEMINCI and the marketing science consulting firm Sociograph, from which the name of the award refers to, began in 2015 taking advantage of the 60th Anniversary Commemorative edition under the name of ‘Religious Film Week‘, due to the events scheduled for Easter.

Over half a century late, but keeping its independent and author essence, SEMINCI brought a differentiation to the festival among those from around the world. This was based on science; in particular, in neuroscience by using the technology Sociograph to measure the emotional reactions and make the audience participate as ‘a jury’. Thanks to this innovative project, hundreds of people have been interested in participating in the different screenings of the official sections from the last three editions.

Sociograph, in collaboration with the film festival , called on citizens to obtain a randomized sample and divided it into small ‘juries’ of up to 30 spectators per session, aimed to watch the films within the official section of the Valladolid film festival in order to identify the «most impactful» film.

As a result of this collaboration, Sociograph has tested 57 films at two well-known theatres in Valladolid, and nearly 2,000 voluntary participants joined this initiative to be part of the ‘jury’ through their emotional reactions.

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