Mediaset has embraced the application of the technology Sociograph to evaluate its series of fiction, since this new methodology of group neuromarketing studies adds value to traditional methods of research.

Javier López Cuenllas, director of Marketing of Mediaset España Group has defined the technology Sociograph as “a new research methodology of neuromarketing for testing series, television shows, etc. which is based on a technique that measures the electrodermal activity and able to measure the attention and emotion of a group of participants.”

The aim of these pretests is to determine whether a series of fiction is viable before including it in the television programming or not. Through a previous research that evaluates the product, more objective data can be obtained. Furthermore, it can be considered whether the product would be worth watching such as the new series “El Principe” broadcast by Mediaset.

A new way of elaborating series of fiction

Sociograph is able to distinguish those moments that are emotionally the most shocking, those in which the audience is more observant or in which the period of time decreases the participants’ attention. The applications, in that sense, are very wide. For instance, this tool can highlight those plots in which the curiosity of your audience increases to boost these scenes in further episodes and know those stories or characters that are not engaging your audience. This allows television channels change scenes to broadcast products much more attractive to the audience.

Moreover, being able to stipulate the moments in which the attention is in its peak allows us to select those shocking frames to the audience. Those are the frames in which a product placement or a commercial break should be included without a loss of audience. Furthermore, the test of these products offers data that help to predict if a series is going to engage your audience after the first episode.

Another of the added values of the technology Sociograph is the study of broad groups of participants at the same time. This allows deleting subjective factors of each individual and obtaining data much more objective and reliable than those that are extracted by other techniques of neuromarketing. Other technologies cannot delete subjective sensation or are too expensive.

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