Spain will be in the spotlight of the media sector from Tuesday to Friday, as Conecta Fiction is set up at the City of Culture of Galicia , located in Santiago de Compostela , to bring together European and Latin American professionals from the media sector and boost the coproduction between both continents.

Up to 350 professionals over 20 nationalities among producers, investors, distributors, scriptwriter and near 40 international TV channels, according to the organization, will be attending and enjoying over 25 round –table discussions and meetings where the attendees will be handling with investment and projects to make new TV series among other activities as well as participating in a live neuroscience demonstration by Sociograph this Wednesday at 3pm.

On this basis, the marketing science consulting will be testing 6 proposals from the Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE). These have been chosen for the pitching session on June 21, 2017 around 3 to 4.30 pm at Plató 1. A group of participants will individually be connected to a wristband and two electrodes to record the electrodermal activity, while the central unit codify and analyse each signal from the group in real time.

The selected projects are the following: ‘Apariciones‘,directed by D. Merino y A. Nogales; ‘El Bloque‘, by G. Ochoa y R. Terrasa; ‘El Paso‘, by D. Moreno, R. López and D. Sotelo; ‘Ex Reo‘, by M. Mínguez, ‘Madre en Apuros‘, by M. Vitar y C. Pons, and ‘Paralelo‘, by R. Giner. Further, Alberto Vázquez,awarded with three Goyas, will come as collaboration.

The co-founder and director of Sociograph Elena Martín Guerra will then give a speech on marketing science and its benefits and applications for the media sector as well as the technologies used by the company and some of its clients who have bet on these consultancy services.


Conecta Fiction is the first international event mainly with a focus on the coproduction of new fiction among Europe, Latin America and United States, organized by AGADIC – Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais, ICEX – The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and SGAE.

The first edition will start this Tuesday with Argentina as the outstanding country and a concert of original soundtracks of famous television series performed by the Real Filharmonía of Galicia [The Philharmonic Orchestra] and conducted by Geoffrey Styles. After the opening day, it is time for the analysis of real cases, workshops, round table -discussions, networking and screenings, as well as a complete tour guide of parallel actions to know the main points of interest of the capital of the region.

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