Sociograph, the consulting firm specialized in Marketing Science has moved to London, where a market research study was driven to analyse the communication of Westfield Europe together with some images provided by UAL students with the aim of developing the latter their final project with real data and a market approach. For this measurement, nearly 200 participants aged 18-54 and segmented into male and female were connected to Sociograph technology.

Under the heading “Make LFC famous at Westfield”, Sociograph technology was used to measure the electrodermal skin response of the nearly 200 participants from UAL Marketing and Visual Merchandising students together with Westfield employees when watching content form Westfield including photography, CGI images and footage of Westfield events and Malls together with students’ material.

The UAL headquarters based in 272 High Holborn, near two enclaves of London; Soho and The City of London, has been witnessed of such measurement during three consecutive days. In concrete, the participants, divided into groups of 30 people, were shown a viewing of model, design and well-known brand images together with Westfield corporate ones such as the inside, brands and façades of its shopping malls in London.

The participants, therefore, had the opportunity to watch three promotional videos highlighting Westfield’s history, stores, services and entertainment, its architectonical development and future plans for its Shepherd’s Bush Centre. For such initiative and driving the study, Sociograph has brought some technicians from its International Department on the occasion of its internationalization in the British and French market.

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